Pffe Isolation Kit

HiCultureTM Listeria Isolation and

MS1145-100NO 1 unit
EUR 45.6
Description: HiCultureTM Listeria Isolation and

Pffe Laboratories manufactures the pffe isolation kit reagents distributed by Genprice. The Pffe Isolation Kit reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Pffe. Other Pffe products are available in stock. Specificity: Pffe Category: Isolation Group: Kit

True Blue

50mg Ask for price
Description: True Blue

True Blue

5mg Ask for price
Description: True Blue

Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Tissue and Cultured Cells

1 kit
EUR 357

Nuclei and Cytosol Isolation Kit for Adipose Tissues

- Ask for price

ExoQuick Exosome Isolation and RNA Purification kit (for Serum and Plasma)

20 preps
EUR 493

XCF COMPLETE Exosome and cfDNA Isolation Kit (for Serum and Plasma)

20 rxn
EUR 583

Sheep True insulin ELISA kit

EUR 700
Description: ELISA

Kit information

Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

55R-1362 50 assays
EUR 273
Description: Genomic DNA Isolation Kit for use in the research laboratory

Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

GWB-AXR187 50 assays Ask for price

Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

K281-50 each
EUR 326.4

Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

K2118-50 50 assays
EUR 389
Description: Isolates highly pure Genomic DNA within 90 min.

Yeast Nuclei Isolation Kit

K289-50 each
EUR 470.4

Tissue RNA Isolation(200) Kit

TBS6003 200 samples
EUR 358

ExoPure? Isolation Kit   (Urine)

K1240-10 each
EUR 836.4

ExoPure? Isolation Kit   (Urine)

K1240-2 each
EUR 483.6

Cartilage RNA Isolation Kit

K2031010 1 kit
EUR 487

Lipid Droplet Isolation Kit

MET-5011 50 preps
EUR 345

Apoptotic Cell Isolation Kit

55R-1349 30 units
EUR 513
Description: Apoptotic Cell Isolation Kit for use in the research laboratory

Apoptotic Cell Isolation Kit

GWB-AXR172 30isolations Ask for price


IB47370 4 PREP KIT
EUR 30.42


IB47371 100 PREP KIT
EUR 579.66

Apoptotic Cell Isolation Kit

K258-30 each
EUR 561.6

EVery EV RNA Isolation Kit

EVery100B-1 20 preps
EUR 412

Total RNA Isolation Kit II

FATRS--001 100 preps
EUR 369.6